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Holidays apartment in Rome St. Peter

Holiday apartment “Ripasso”, an incredibly charming place in the heart of Rome.

A unique Holidays apartment in Rome. Sought after artisans have given shape to a well- thought furniture which will carry you in a far away time, or maybe in an age still to be found. Every single detail has been thought with the utmost care in order to turn this Holidays apartment in Rome St. Peter into a postcard to carry in your heart. Ripasso’s accurate design has drawn attention well beyond national borders, where the charm of innovative design rule the roost.

So come and visit the most beautiful city in the world while sleeping in a totally unconventional setting.
Holiday Home Ripasso and its staff are ready to host you and satisfy all your needs.

You are also welcome at Passaguai® Vin Cafè, where our attention for details and quality is entirely focused on food and wine!